Why Dental Offices Have Never Been Better!

We are ELATED to be able to work again. Our entire staff are healthy and have been looking forward to being in people’s personal space!! A blessing in times like these! We have been working for over 40 days.We have done months of recalibrating education and virology studies, and the American Dental Association has made “Dental offices the safest place in the world to be”...

Nevertheless, Dentists, and accompanying staff, not the patients, are in the highest risk category. Why is that? Because we deal with a patient’s aerosols all day long...and that is the primary way COVID-19 is supposedly transmitted...in close proximity...but we are secure in our safety precautions, to the point where Dr. Meadows feels safe, and she has an autoimmune disease!

Dr. Meadows says, “look, those of us with underlying medical issues have to keep ourselves safe. But we are also the ones who will KNOW if we aren’t well! We could never be the “silent super spreader”. Therefore I feel very safe seeing older folks and patients with underlying disease.”So, what have we done about it to keep everyone healthy and safe? Well,I’m so glad you asked!

First of all, we are blessed with rooms that have individual doors with wide-open airflow! Not many clinics have this, with such a great view too! We are blessed!

Throughout the office, we have placed Medical grade HEPA air filters...and in individual rooms, we have added extra patient air vacuums in addition to high-speed suction for every procedure...

All our training has reminded us that THE BEST way to avoid exposure is to remove the possible “offenders”.

Fortunately, Coronado hasn’t had many cases. Additionally, we of course ask prescreening COVID-19 questions and ask about your travel (we postpone your appointments if you JUST returned), we take your temperature before you can enter the back office and no one comes to the dentist when they don’t feel well!!

Have you seen our video with our upgraded dental suits on and singing “Stop in the Name of Love”? (To ask the COVID questions... let us take it Oh, oh-ver”...It’s adorable)

We’ll take wonderful care of you, and your safety is assured.

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