Q&A: Conversations Between Dr. Meadows (Dr. M) and Dr. Melanie Villalobos (Dr. M.V.)

Dr. M: "What was your most enjoyable Coronado childhood memory?

Dr. MV: "Of course the 4th of July (4 a.m. thru fireworks) beach spot between the Del and shores parking spots"

Dr. M: "I heard you were the CHS-ASB President, the Molly McGowan recipient and a "Flying" cheerleader! What year was that?"

Dr. MV: "2006/2007, I was called a "Flyer," we were light and throwable."

Dr. M: "Do you have a pet?"

Dr. MV: "Of course! Both of mine were rescued! Coco, is living and Sissy is in heaven!"

Dr. M: "Other than being a dentist and loving your career... how do you spend your most pleasurable time outside of the office now?"

Dr. MV: "Hmmm, most pleasurable times now... traveling, yoga and baking... I enjoy baking pastries!"

Dr. M: "I can't cook or bake a thing! So, Dr. Melanie, who taught you how and what's your most favorite pastry?"

Dr. MV: "Grandma and Mochi"

Dr. M: "Watch out, Dr. Melanie, after this article you may be receiving requests!"

Shouldn't we have a mochi social? Be on the lookout for a dessert date!

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