Part 2: Trouble Sleeping? Effects and Causes of Oxygen Deprivation

Part 2 of a 3 part series written by Dr. Meadows. Originally featured in the 2019 Fall Newsletter.

Oxygen deprivation is a concern in numerous ways. There are studies that show:

• 81% of folks with Atrial Fibrillatio have some form of sleep apnea, whether from obstructive apnea (tongue and throat enlargement)

or physiologic apnea.

• Memory loss and or disorientation can also come from oxygen depletion

• Tiredness, emotional imbalance and poor overall organ productivity can also occur.

It has become an international focus to prevent patients from needing the use of a CPAP machine. Once you've become dependent on them, there's no turning back.

Additionally, OSA aka OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA (tongue enlargement, and muscular internal throat walls) which are caused by clenching can easily be reduced WITHOUT using a CPAP machine. Nevertheless, if you must wear one, nasal cannula CPAP machines also allow you to wear an oral appliance, therefore increasing airways.

Most OSA articles refer to the "loosening of throat muscles" while we sleep, as a cause for OSA. This doesn't take into consideration the enlargement that occurs first. If we can help the oral and throat muscles to become smaller, by NOT ALLOWING you to work out your muscles in the first place...can you see how this would help??

MANY of our patients report better sleep, restfulness and returning to their original beds with happier spouses, when they have used our oral appliances. Wouldn't it be easier, earlier on, to use a smaller dental appliance for PREVENTION, rather than to use a bulky, difficult to transport, CPAP machine for the rest of your life?

If we can help PREVENT our patients from becoming a CPAP user, we will!

Ask us about what we can do for your spouse, yourself or even your children to help them live happier, more restful and productive lives...the answer may be easier than you think.

Dr. Meadows, Dr. Villalobos and the team are here to help guide you through these life giving solutions.

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