Oral Hygiene Can Help Reduce COVID-19 Complications

Originally featured in the Fall/Winter 2020 Newsletter

Periodontal interventions and up keeping your regular oral hygiene can REDUCE the burden of oral bacteria and potentially DECREASE systemic inflammations. The inflammatory response of the body results in an increase of a specific inflammation mediator produced by our body (IL-6). This mediator is linked to a 22 times HIGHER RISK for COVID-19 respiratory complications. Due to dental office closures earlier this year, dental cleanings were postponed. Unfortunately, we saw increases in gingivitis and periodontal issues both of which are sources of increases of inflammation in the body. Periodontal disease is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes, ALL of which are comorbidities associated with increased mortality for COVID-19. We want our patients to continue to be proactive and preventative in their oral health. This is just another reason why oral health is so important to your overall health and why we emphasize it so much. What can you do at home?

  • Using a moth rise daily. Studies have shown, rising for 30 seconds can significantly reduce the oral bacteria in your mouth. We sell them in the office or just ask us at your next appointment what we recommend for you specifically.
  • Coming to your regular cleanings and exams (contact us to send you our newsletter on Practical Advice about COVID precautions and how we safely practice in our office, if you haven’t seen it already!)
  • Turmeric specially with its active compound Curcumin and eaten with black pepper for absorption has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for OVERALL health

Use Your Insurance Benefits Before You Lose Them

It is that time of year again. This is just a reminder to use your dental benefits before the end of the year before you LOSE them.

Friendly Reminder on Travel

We are continuing to keep YOU and us safe in our practice. Just a friendly reminder, if you are planning to travel OVER 100 MILES within 5days of your appointment please let us know. We may need to reschedule you as an added precaution. We are taking every preventative step to keep you and our staff safe.

THANK YOU for all of you support and positive comments about how our office has handled COVID19 precautions. We are blessed to see our patients and we want to continue to do so!

Updates on Our Dental Team


If you haven’t been greeted yet, by this friendly and upbeat woman you will soon! Susan took over for Jessica who got into hygiene school this year. She has been a clinical assistant in the office for over 3 years and now works in the front office as well as assisting. She is a Coronado native, always willing to share a funny story, and you can’t beat her positive attitude every day! We love having her greet and speak with all of you. Please five her a warm welcome in her new role when you come in!


Is our “new” assistant and another friendly face you will see around the office. She started with us this January. She had been an assistant for another San Diego dentist for 20+ years and when her doctor retired, we found her a new dental home with us. We hope you also five her a warm welcome on your next visit!

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