Look for Yourself & The Gift of Vaccinations!

Originally featured in the 2021 Spring Newsletter.

Look for Yourself

Okay, folks... I’m back to talking about mouth guards and sleep apnea appliances! I haven’t seen many of you who DO NOT need them lately!!! The world has been crazy, tumultuous, and apparently, we are ALL stressed in our sleep! Even the side of my tongue has become scalloped! And I feel happy and relaxed but sure enough, my sleep is short and muscles feel tight in my neck or face. Additionally, clenching works out our tongue, enlarging it, leaving us with limited breathing space when we lay back. Have you noticed poor sleep and restlessness? Have you noticed the scallops? Scalloping occurs when we clench (in our sleep or while our husband or wife drives ) and while clenching we shove our tongue against our teeth and the shape of our teeth press shapes into the lateral sides of our tongue. Look for yourself... without pointing your tongue too intensely... when flat out, do you see your tongue as a semi-circle, or do you see it having scallops like a seashell??

Either of these issues, scalloping or tongue enlarged, indicates that we need to evaluate oxygenation for you, pre-arthritis joint issues, or just simple powerful clenching that can cause the need for root canals... even on virgin teeth! That powerful clenching pressure can give your teeth “bed sores” and kill the nerve that enters the tooth from the bone...this can be prevented.

Look for yourself; how does your tongue space look when you say “Ahhhh”? Can you see down your throat easily or is your tongue buff like a bicep? Is it scalloped? Are your facial muscles or neck and shoulders tight? Let us know, let’s both sleep better, get better oxygen to our cells and organs, and BRAIN function...I’m doing it too!

The Gift of Vaccinations!

I’m blessed to have received Pfizer vaccinations. I, being autoimmune compromised and working with hands-on patient care. It was simple enough. I was worried about the second shot and the response I was going to have to handle, yet WANTING some response to know that my body would make its own antibodies. So be happy and don't be too anxious to expect and hope for somebody's responses, desire to have some perhaps... it seems that if you’ve never had a response with previous inoculations, you probably won’t with these either.

Moderna and Pfizer (testing shows up to a 95% efficiency) utilize 2 inoculations vs the Johnson and Johnson vaccination with a single dose, which will be coming out soon. (Efficiency between 48-62% depending on which study you read). Johnson and Johnson, with its “once and done” vaccination, will be wonderful for those who know they wouldn’t follow up with a second visit, or for those who are hard to locate, or for those who know themselves well enough, to be honest, that they are poor with compliance. Even with a lower % fighting force, they will still fight COVID-19 enough to keep themselves out of the hospital! (More than likely). Both Pfizer and Moderna were made with an international team a true feat, and use a new mechanism, unlike any previous vaccinations. Both Moderna and Pfizer enable up to 80% coverage after the 1st injection, up to 95% coverage and fighting force 3 weeks following the 2nd inoculation. This is quite amazing. Most vaccinations prior to these have had approximately 70-72%, maximum fighting efficacy.

Vaccinations work to help the person RECEIVING IT... not necessarily those around them... like the politician who received his second inoculation, yet his nose swab showed he had the COVID virus. his body directly fought it but if he sneezed, he could spread it to his companions.

I've never been a huge proponent for adult vaccinations but when the world is experiencing shutdowns and such limited ability to live fully, (and now I’m autoimmune) I prayed and prayed about it. I researched and asked those directly involved (see Dr. Lou Wing, a personal friend, speak about this subject directly) so, I’ve changed my tune. Get out there, let’s get the world back on its feet and get ourselves out there to live fully!!

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